Children and staff worked extremely hard again and we are very pleased with our results. At the end of Reception, the percentage of children achieving a Good Level of Development was above the national average. At Key Stage 1 phonics results were above national averages and the number of children working at greater depth in reading and maths at the end of Year 2 is expected to be better than the national average once figures are pubished. At Key Stage 2, our results were below national averages; however, in all subjects, our children made above average progress between Year 2 and Year 6.  

Pupil Attainment 2017/2018  please click here to view the data (please note data is provsional until confirmed by the government in the Autumn term).  

Please remember, though, that results in assessments are not everything. We are very pleased that the school did so well while remaining committed to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum.

You can see how our school compares to other schools locally and nationally by clicking on this link.